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redknightalex: ([DW] Ten Glasses Looking Down)

Lost in the nth Dimension

A Neverending Thought Process

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Location:United States of America

(Partially Friends Only)

"You know how it is; you put things off for a day and next thing you know, it's a hundred years later." -The Doctor (Fifth)

The Gist (aka TL;DR): Geek, nerd, librarian, excessive rambler, Doctor Who addict, writer of angst, love the Doctor and his companions, and video gamer.

Friend Policy (As Sometimes it Does Need Saying): I love meeting new people from various fandoms, although Doctor Who is currently taking up my life so I do post mostly on that. Other things I do post about are real life events as this journal is a safe-place for me to be me and no one else, so expect non-fandom posts. A few will be public but most are behind various filters that you can either be a part of or not, doesn't matter to me either way. If you're here just for the lurking or my fandom-ish rants and squees, friend away for some of those can also be friend locked. Just don't be offended if I don't friend automatically back: I need to feel someone out first. More info below....

About Me
I'm a geek, a nerd, and a librarian wanting to be so much more.

I graduated from University with a double major in Classical History and Psychology back in 2008. Since then I've waffled between what I've wanted to do (join the military, travel across Europe, just get a damn job) and yet I still haven't found my niche. I feel more like a work-in-progress than a finished product. As of 2011, I am working at a university library as a full-time staff member and have been there since September of 2009.

I love computers, love building them to the point that I'll start sweating, and on occasion bleeding, trying to fix a certain device or place a fan in the perfect position. I also have a growing passion for computer programming and am quite sure that my future will lie somewhere in this profession.

I enjoy reading, writing (when the thought strikes me), and playing video games. Anything that gets me out of my head for a while and into another fantastical world I figure.

Things I Write About
Fandom, everyday life, things that are geeky by nature, my work, video games, random nonsense that floats into my head, and just the everyday struggles of growing up (it's a never-ending process). I tend to go on and on a bit, as I can't seem to stop the words from worming their way onto the screen. I think they call it being verbose (I can also be humorous when I'm not serious, ie passionate).

Seriously, how could you be on LiveJournal and not have at least one fandom?

Currently in love with Doctor Who in an all-encompassing way. Up-to-date with the recent New-Who and am now working my way through the Classics one series at a time. So far, my list of Doctors is as so: Ten, Eight and Five for a close tie, Nine, Eleven, Four (who is winning over my heart with his huge, goofy smile), and lastly One. Basically, Ten is my Doctor with Eight and Five holding special places in my one heart.

I fell in love with the show when it started fresh back in 2005, and although I didn't start watching until a year ago, I absolutely loved the dynamic/chemistry behind the Doctor and Rose. They happen to be my biggest ship at the moment and the two of them are plotting evil things in my head. I think they're called plot bunnies. Yes, that's it. But I have been known to play around with other pairings/friendships.

The next fandom, in order of importance I suppose, would be Torchwood. Unfortunately, until Series 4 starts up again in the US, there won't be too much about Torchwood here, except for the occasional fic and character/series analysis, here. To be honest, it's hard to go back and watch an episode after the events of CoE; it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

The third, and quickly growing fandom, would be the BBC's version of Sherlock. Watched the three episodes over a weekend and now I'm stuck in it. I've always had a soft-spot for geniuses (and loyal-to-the-end side-kicks) so it just fits.

The next mix-up of fandoms are ones that I either lurk in, participate in/have in the past, or try to: Battlestar Galactica (2004), Fringe, Law and Order: SVU, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Final Fantasy, and Mass Effect.

Other fandoms I've been involved with (at least in my head) have included the following: a bunch of video game titles, The Guild, Legend of Zelda, some anime, and a few other fandoms that I might throw my feet into (much like a young child tentatively puts their feet into the water).

I do have various OTPs per fandom but that's never stopped me from considering other angles to things (and never a real consideration for friendship; I hate character bashing). I read and write all types of pairings, be it het, slash, or femslash, as all I really need is the chemistry between the characters on the screen/page. I do have a tendency to like angst more than the fluff, but it's slowly easing up on me.

Last, but not least, I do write fanfiction over at my fic journal, knightsfalling.

Questions? Oh, ask away, please.

I do love conversations about fandom, or real life, in either a comment/pm/im/or even an email way. Conversing with people who love this stuff as much as I do, which is hard to find where I am, is truly the highlight of my day. A slight warning however as it may take me some time to get the replies going.

My Journal
My journal is, as stated eloquently above, only partially friends only. Many of my mundane life entries, and all those related to fandom in general, are open to the public. My more personal entries will be behind various friend locks as I do sometimes use this journal as a safe space to vent. If you'd like to be my friend, drop me a line through a comment or PM and I'm sure that magic will happen. I'm a rather easy going person and accept people as they are but it certainly helps things if you comment/message me in some way. If you drop me, no harm no foul. My only two rules are no judgments or assuming and absolutely no re-posting of what I say, especially those under a friends lock, to Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter, etc unless it's something regarding fandom and not my opinion (ie a tweet I reposted can also be respoted). I keep my fandom life and my real life entirely separate and hope to keep it that way. Cheers.

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